1971 Born in Aschaffenburg
1996 Founding of kube libre together with architect Vlad Belei.
1997 Graduated with a diploma in Architecture at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg/Germany.
2001 post-graduate studies in Media Arts at the Acadamy of Media Arts in Köln/Germany.
  Studio Atelier Kumar founded.
Selected Projects and Exhibitions

2002 UIA World Congress of Architecture, Berlin
  Melting Point, multimedia dance performance in collaboration with Labor Gras und David Hernandez.
1996 Gallery Kammer, Hamburg/Germany (paintings and architecture)
  Virtual Window, dance performance in collaboration with Labor Grass 888 und e.don creation, Hamburg/Germany

Selected Competitions and Awards


2001 City planning competition Qintao/China (1.Prize)
JVC Museum Pavillon, Mexiko
1999 City planning competition for a bridge in collaboration with Strecker&Partner, Bad Homburg (2. Prize)
1998 Aquamarine, Aquarium for a harbour, Hamburg (4. Prize)
1997 Gaia, Pavillon für bedrohte Völker in collaboration with Tom Fecht, Andreas Leipelt and Labor Gras, Expo 2000, Hannover (1. Prize)
1996 City planning competition for Hamburg, organized by the Dresdner Bank in co-operation with the Technische Universität Dresden und der FH München